Korean BBQ Festival 2019

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We are pleased to announce that we will finish this summer by hosting the 2019 world Korean BBQ festival, where you can enjoy the summer by Korean Music and traditional Korean cuisine.

The event will be held in Blackburn Park, Brookhaven, where some of the top Korean from the Metro Atlanta area will gather around and offering several traditional dishes such as:

Bulgogi, Jeyookbokeum, Gimbob, and much more.

Korean cuisine is becoming more and more popular in Atlanta, and this event is a perfect opportunity for the people, who are seeking out the authentic taste of Korean BBQ.

Alongside with the dishes, the festival will also feature a beer and wine garden, where you can choose from arrange of our excellent beer collection and also have an opportunity to have a tease of finely crafted Korean wine.

With free admission, there is no reason for you to miss this opportunity to enjoy the hearty meal with refreshing drinks and American Band / K-pop with family and friends, come to Blackburn Park on Sep. 7. 2019